Tanis or San El hagar and suez canal tour

Tour highlight:

It is a very special tour to the ruins of the 22nd dynasty with a the highest number of obelisks

Tour includes:

– Entrance fees for all sights mentioned in the itinerary

– Bottle of water and snacks

-Wifi on board


-All taxes


Tour excludes:

– Extra ticket like pyramids inside and solar boat

– Personal needs

– Tipping – recommended



After breakfast early morning around 7 O’clock our guide will be waiting you holding a sign by our company logo to be ready drive about 2 hours and half to Al Sharqia province South of El manzala Lake which located on the ruins of the old Capital of Egypt Tanis nowadays is known by San El Hagar which is known in Bible So-An It was established by the end of the 20th Dynasty the become the Capital of Egypt during the period of 21st dynasty , It was the birth Province of the King Smendes the founder of 21st dynasty , During 22nd dynasty was the political capital of Egypt .It was a very important commercial and strategic center but all its population immigrated and left it because it was threatened to be covered by the water of El manzala Lake . There was no any mention for Tanis before the modern kingdom by the opposite of  Sa El-Hagar which located next of the western River Nile branch which known by pharaohs by Saaw

There are ruins of a number of temples , including the chief temple dedicated to Amun , and Some of the Royal tombs of the third intermediate Period like the tomb of the king psusennes l , Amenemope and Shoshenq ll – which are survived the depredations of tomb robbers throughout antiquity . which were discovered by Pierre Montet and proved to contain a large catalogue of gold , jewelry , lapis lazuli and precious stones including the funerary masks of these kings . the excavation 2009 the Egyptian antiquities counsel excavate the Sacred lake of the goddess  Mout temple and so it is considered the second Sacred Lake in Tanis and San El Hagar .


Then drive to Ismailia , once you arrive you will get your lunch after that enjoy looking to the famous canal  the suez canal ,Which connects the Mediterranean and the Red seas , is inaugurated in an elaborate ceremony attended by French Empress Eugenie wife of Napoleon lll . In 1854, Ferdinand de Lesseps , the former French consul to Cairo , secured an agreement with Ottoman governor of Egypt to build a canal 100 miles across the Isthmus of Suez. and nowadays it’s the most important commercial road in the world .


Single 2:4 Persons 5:8 Persons 9:15 Persons
160$ 95$ 75$ 70$

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