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Egypt in Questions

Most of the guests who come on our trips have never been to Egypt before, some of them have never left their country before!  We at Wedjat Tours want to make everyone comfortable and at ease for all our dear guests as we do always get the same questions in advance of a trip and after ten years, we thought this should be the first thing we address in our Wedjat Tours Travel advisory to Egypt.

 We at True Egypt are always very keen to make you the best holiday in your life time so we would love to give you this very short and brief advises which will definitely help you to make it easier while you do your tour around Islamic Cairo, just follow this instructions and you will be more than happy to do such fantastic tour around Cairo Islamic Part.

 1. Don’t worry – Cairo is overall a safe place for women. I don’t know why many people are so scared. What do they think is going to happen to them? Simply nothing. You’re very likely to be verbally harassed on the streets, especially if you are blonde – yes, it’s not nice and yes it’s annoying, but nothing more will happen. Streets are always crowded at any time of day and night and overall the place feels and is so much safer than anywhere else in Europe or in the US.

 Egypt, being a predominantly Muslim country, is naturally conservative (not like the Gulf States or Saudi Arabia) but the average people are careful in what they wear. The dress code in Egypt for women is considered conservative by western standards and it is respectful to obey this code.

 No shots or vaccination required at all before you travel to Egypt , may be if you already using medicine then take all of it! And Through our long experience with thousands of travelers used our True egypt we don’t think that those who went to doctor before their trip to Egypt had any better trip than those who didn’t! The one thing you may come down with in Egypt is politely called “Pharoah’s Revenge”.  UPSET TUMMY This is an emotive subject as some people will say upset tummy is due to food-related problems, others will say it's dehydration & over indulgence of alcohol / food, while another group will say it's down to not being used to the climate. Some will also say that too cool air conditioning will send the body into a kind of thermal shock. Whatever reason you choose to prefer, it seems that a certain amount of luck also enters into the equation.

 Non-Egyptian visitors arriving in Egypt are required to have a valid passport. Entry visa and There are three ways of doing this

 Everyone ALWAYS wants to know this one.  The answer is, it’s incredibly safe, and if you’re traveling in one of our tours either individual or group tours, it’s even more so!  And you can check that from our references ( People used our Wedjat tours Services ) which will be available for you as soon as you contact us, We usually  register our travel guests as VIPs when they first enter the land of Egypt, so we always have a special escort with us.  If you’re traveling with another group, check with them to see what their procedures are.

By far the biggest threat you will face in Egypt even after the Revolution of Jan 2011 is from clever friendly locals who are very adept at getting you to buy souvenirs.

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